PDF Photo Album from Images

PDF Photo Album from Images

PDF has become over the years one of the most-used file formats in the online environment. Its popularity has increased due to the fact that it serves so many purposes and can help you accomplish diverse tasks. Including storing and sharing images.

How do you share your photos? Sure, you can upload them to Facebook for everyone to see, but do you want to share all your memories with strangers? Maybe a more discrete solution will be welcome.

Did you know that you can create a digital photo album as a single PDF document containing your photos? A single file that you can later share via email or web with friends and family?

Why Convert your Images to PDF

Here are the main advantages of using a PDF document as a digital photo album:

  1. Compact format. All photos are stored in the same document/file. You don’t have to deal with a lot of photos that should probably be zipped to be easily shared, and then unzipped on the other end.
  2. Great compatibility. Your photo album can be read on any computer or mobile device. Most devices (PCs, Macs, iPhones, iPads, Androids and so on) have pre-installed PDF reader apps or if they don’t you will surely find one for free.
  3. Reduced size. The photos stored in a PDF album can be compressed using the JPEG compression algorithm which will result in small-size PDF documents. 

Moreover, PDF is a truly versatile format. This means you can incorporate various forms of visual content. You can, of course, add screenshots and simple JPG or PNG images, but also vectors, diverse graphics or animations if you need to. 

Taking all things into consideration, the PDF format is great for sharing your latest digital photos.

Convert in 3 Easy Steps

If you need to create a PDF photo album and are looking for an easy-to-use software for either Windows or Mac, you can take a look at BatchPhoto. Our tool allows you to compile a PDF from hundreds of images in a truly simple manner thanks to its three-step design:

Step 1

The first step is where you add the JPEG, PNG or perhaps TIFF pictures you want to compile. Click on Add Photos if you want to add files individually, on the Add button to load a folder with or without subfolders or simply use drag & drop. 

PDF Photo Album from Images

Step 2

Once you’ve loaded your images, you can go to the second step of the process called Edit Photos. This is where you can optimize and retouch your pictures. BatchPhoto allows you to rename, resize, rotate, crop, add a watermark or the date and time to your photos, as well as retouch them and apply diverse artistic effects.

PDF Photo Album from Images

Step 3

The third step, called Setup, gives you the possibility to select where you’d like to save your files, as well as the output format.

To create a PDF document from your set of photos, select PDF in the Output Format section and then make sure to check the box Create a single multi-page document from all photos. In the same section you can also click on Settings to select the compression method and the size/quality.

You can choose to save the resulting PDF document on a local folder on your computer, send it via email or upload it to FTP. 

PDF Photo Album from Images

Next, once you’ve set your configuration, simply hit the Process button.

You can try the fully-featured trial version of BatchPhoto right now by downloading it here.