Watermark & Edit Property Images

Say you are a realtor with thousands of property images that need to be watermarked with your logo and edited for your web site. You probably have your images sorted into folders, with individual folders for each property, something like this:

properties real estate

You can either save your edited images in a new sub-folder for each property, or in a new root folder with sub-folders for each property, or overwrite the originals in-place. In all cases you will preserve the folder structure you already have:

  1. Save the processed images in a new sub-folder for each property (e.g. “1 Central Park South/Processed”). For this you need to select in Step 3 > Output > Create a sub-folder in the original photos’ folder
  2. Recreate the folder structure with all the processed photos in another root folder (e.g. “Processed/1 Central Park South”). For this you need to select in Step 3 > Output > Recreate original folder structure in selected folder
  3. Overwrite your images in-place. For this you need to select in Step 3 > Output > Use original photos’ folder as output destination.

batch photo for real estate

Here are just some graphical filters that you can apply to your real estate photos with BatchPhoto:

  • Watermark-Logo – Add your company’s logo to the photos
  • Watermark-Text – Add a text watermark to pictures
  • Resize – For changing the width and height of the image in pixels
  • Auto Rotate – Automatically rotate portrait photos based on the information added by the digital camera in the photo’s metadata (EXIF record)
  • Auto Crop – Automatically crop images to a predefined aspect ration (e.g. 16:9 or 4:3)
  • Auto Contrast & Sharpen – For enhancing your real estate photos

Additional functions that you can perform with BatchPhoto:

  • Rename the property photos with the folder name (the property address in this case)
  • Upload the processed images to FTP in the same session
  • Convert images to JPG, TIF, PNG, PDF. BatchPhoto can also import and convert RAW images
  • Save your settings as a profile in order to reload them later or share with a colleague
  • Completely automate the process with hot-folders (the Enterprise edition)

Learn more and download a free trial from here.