How to Add Date/Time to Photos

date stamp photos in bulk

Now, that the holidays are over we are left with a ton of photos and with the task of sorting and sharing them with family and friends on Facebook/Flickr or on plain old paper.

A great way to link a photo with a memory is to know the date and time the photo was taken. We can see this information if we have the photos stored on our computer and we have an image viewer capable of displaying the EXIF metadata or we can just visually add the date/time on the picture itself.

The straight-forward method is to set the digital camera to print the date/time information on photos at the time of taking them (if the camera has this feature). However there are drawbacks to this solution:

  • The original photos will be permanently altered so there is no way of getting rid of the date/time stamp afterwards;
  • The stamp will not be correctly applied on portrait photos since they need to be rotated first and most digital cameras will not do that;
  • The stamp will look ugly since the color, font, size, placement of the stamp cannot be adjusted.

Fortunately there is a better solution. Since the date/time information is written by all digital cameras in the metadata (EXIF record) associated with all digital photos, we can first transfer and backup all of our photos on the computer, then apply the time stamp with a specialized program.

Our solution, BatchPhoto, is a Windows and Mac OS X program that can visually stamp the date/time on thousands of photos in one session.

Here are the benefits of using BatchPhoto:

  • Copy & backup the original images on your computer;
  • Automatically rotate the landscape photos before applying the stamp;
  • Set the color, font, size, placement and date format for your date/time stamp;
  • Perform the same operation on thousands of photos in just a few minutes by taking advantage of multi-core processors;
  • Directly upload the edited photos to Facebook, Flickr, or to a website via FTP.

Learn more about adding date stamps with BatchPhoto from here.