Automatically Rotate Photos

auto rotate photos

If you take just a few photos at a time, rotating them one by one, after transferring to the computer, is not a big deal. What if you take hundreds of them and after transferring you find out many are actually portrait pictures displayed in landscape mode?

Usually, when we are confronted with such a problem we know there has to be a better way. Fortunately most of the latest digital cameras now come equipped with orientation sensors that recognize the portrait or landscape orientation of the camera when taking the picture, and save this information into the metadata (EXIF record) associated with each image file. In spite of this, many cameras don’t have the option of rotating the pictures in place when saving to the memory card.

The good news is that there is more than one solution to this problem:

  • If you use a software program to transfer the photos from your digital camera to your Mac or PC, the program may have the option to automatically correct the orientation of the photos before writing them to the computer;
  • You can also use a batch photo processing software to automatically rotate all of your images in one session after moving them to your Mac or PC, at any time. The software will take all your photos as input and only rotate the ones that don’t have the correct orientation so you don’t need to pick them by hand;
  • There are also photo viewers that detect the photo orientation and display them correctly without modifying the photos at all.

Introducing BatchPhoto our batch photo processing solution for automatically rotating images in bulk, that works on both Windows and Mac computers. BatchPhoto makes the task of rotating digital photos easy and fast by processing hundreds of pictures in one session and by taking advantage of multi-core processors to speed-up the process. The operation can even be performed directly from Windows Explorer’s contextual (right-click) menu.

You can learn more about rotating photos with BatchPhoto and download your free trial from here.