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The Comment filter annotates the photo with a single or multi-line text comment.

The settings associated with this filter allow you to place your comment in one of the nine predefined positions of the photo. If these predefined positions are not sufficient and you would like an even more exact placement of your comment then you can shift your text horizontally (on the X axis) or vertically (on the Y axis) relative to its initial predefined position. The Delta X and Delta Y values are specified in percents relative to the original photo's width and height in pixels, this will result in accurate positioning of the stamp on all resulting photos no matter the sizes of the source photos.

Regarding the content of your comments, a set of predefined keywords is available. If BatchPhoto recognizes a keyword in your comment it will automatically replace that keyword with a specific value corresponding to each photo that will be processed. In case your comments expand on multiple lines then you can even set the alignment of the text as if it were a paragraph.

Text color, transparency, size, font and aspect (Bold, Italic) can also easily be adjusted to your needs.



Type your comments into the Comment edit-box. You can also add different keywords to your comment by pressing the Add Keyword button

To change the comment's alignment within the writing area select the desired alignment from the Alignment combo-box

To change the comment's position in the resulting photo select the desired placement from the Placement combo-box

To change the comment's position offset on the X (horizontal) and Y (vertical) axis use the Delta X and Delta Y edit-boxes

Note that you can also easily adjust the position of the comment in the photo by using drag & drop

To change the text's font, size and aspect (Bold, Italic, Underline) press the Type button located in the Font section

To change the text's color, press Color button and select the desired color from the Color dialog

To change the text's transparency select the desired level from the Alpha combo-box

The default settings can be restored by pressing the Reset button