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The Date filter reads the date & time from the embedded meta-data (the EXIF record) written by the digital camera in the image file. If the date & time are not correctly set in your digital camera at the time of taking the picture, you can fix them with the Fix Date/Time option.

If the meta-data record is not found in the source photo, BatchPhoto will fall-back to reading the date/time when the file was created on disk which can be different from the time when the photo was originally taken.

The settings associated with this filter allow you to choose from a vast variety of date and time formats so that you can match any format from any region.



The Date tab

Date options

Show - Select to add both the date & time, only the date, or only the time; Also you can select either the original photo's date or the current system's date
Format - Select the date format (e.g. MMM-DD-YYYY or YYYY-MMM-DD) and the time format (e.g. AM/PM or 24h). You can also select a custom separator for the date and to show the seconds
The Fix Date/Time option opens the Offset category from where you can add or subtract Years, Months, Days, Hours, Minutes or even Seconds to/from the date/time read from the photo. This option comes very handy when your digital camera had a wrong date/time set when taking the pictures

Placement options

The date stamp can be placed with drag & drop in one of the nine predefined positions defined in the Placement combo-box. If these predefined positions are not sufficient and you would like an even more accurate positioning of the stamp, you can shift it horizontally (Delta X) or vertically (Delta Y) relative to its predefined position. The Delta values are specified in percents relative to the original photo's dimensions.

Placement - Select a predefined position for the date stamp. There are nine predefined positions to chose from
The Delta X and Delta Y values can be used to change the stamps's position on the X (horizontal) and Y (vertical) axis, relative to the Placement selected at the previous step
Rotation - The stamp's rotation angle


The Font tab

Font options

Type - The text's font, size and aspect (Bold, Italic, Underline)
Color/Texture - The text's color, or select a texture instead of the color
Alpha - The text's transparency level
Blur - With this option you can select to give a blur effect to your stamp

Stroke options

You can enable a contour effect for your text. The contour can have a selected Width, Alpha, and Color


The More tab

Shadow - You can add a Shadow effect to your text with custom Color, Alpha and more fine-grain options like the Distance & Angle for how to render the shadow, and Blur to make it bland in the background
Box - A background box can be drawn underneath the text stamp in order to highlight it. The box can have a custom Color, Alpha, and Offset for the box size