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The Settings dialog can be opened by selecting Edit Settings from the application menu. This dialog allows you to edit the general application settings and specific settings for multi-page and RAW image formats.


When selecting the General tab, a list with the general application settings will appear.


From the Language combo-box you can select the main language of the application. The following languages are available: English, German, French, Italian and Japanese (default English)

If you want to help us translate BatchPhoto in a language that is not already available just click on the Help with translation link

From the Skin combo-box you can select the skin of the application (default Dark)

The Use multicore processors for speeding up image processing option allows you to enable multi-core processing. This option should always be enabled since it significantly increases processing speed (default enabled)

By enabling the Include BatchPhoto in Windows Explorer contextual menu option, BatchPhoto will be accessible through Windows' contextual menu giving you the option to directly load or apply a certain profile to the selected set of photos (default enabled)

If you want BatchPhoto to keep a log of all your processing session events, then you need to enable the Create detailed log file with the processed images option. This option is only available in the Pro and Enterprise editions of BatchPhoto (default enabled)

If you want the Profiles dialog to be shown every time you launch BatchPhoto, you can enable the Show profiles window at startup option (default disabled)

To stop the startup wizard dialog from showing every time the software is launched just disable the Show wizard window at startup option (default enabled)

The Launch BatchPhoto Monitor at startup option determines if the Monitor component will be launched along with BatchPhoto (default enabled)

Enable the Check for new versions at startup option if you want BatchPhoto to search if a new version of the software is available when it launches (default enabled)

Select the frequency with which BatchPhoto searches for new versions from the Frequency combo box (default Once a week)


Image Formats

When selecting the Image Formats tab, a list with settings for the multi-page and RAW image formats will appear.


Multipage Settings

Select the way in which BatchPhoto processes the layers of multi-page images from the Layer Configuration combo-box        

oThe default option is Save each layer as a separate image which creates an output image file for each layer of the original multi-page image

oThe Flatten all layers option combines all the layers of the input image in a single one-layer output image

oThe Save the first layer only option discards all the layers of the original image saving only the first layer as the output image

RAW Settings

Select the desired demosaicing algorithm for RAW images from the Demosaicing combo-box

Select the desired white balance option for RAW images from the White Balance combo-box

Select the desired highlights option for RAW images from the Demosaicing combo-box