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I get the "Failed to Write" error when:
1) I use a folder I created
2) When I try to write into the same folder that the photos came from

I do not get the problem when writing to Desktop

I am administrator on my desktop so should have access
I close all file list windows before doing the processing to avoid this preventing write of new photos
What should I try next (other than always writing to Desktop)?
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Firstly I need to know if you are running BatchPhoto on Windows or Mac? Also if it's Mac have you downloaded from our site or from the App Store?

Have you tried to write into the Pictures folder or a subfolder of Pictures? This should also work.

If BatchPhoto cannot write the processed photos into the output folder it may be because:
* You don’t have access to write in the output folder
* Your photos are opened with another program (a viewer perhaps) and cannot be overwritten
* The output folder name or the resulting photo names have unsupported characters in them
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