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I am using the test version did not buy yet and just testing to see if i want to buy. I tried a test image and did copyright logo and added comments and all that was good I also added borders which is good but am really looking for a border that will not change the size of my image but i guess i can work with that by resizing my images after i add border..(but think you should work it so that the added border does not add to the size of the image) anyway that can be worked as i said.

My problem is when i saved the image to test the size and dpi i notice your program changed the dpi of my image. The original image was 72dpi and when I added copyright logo and comment and saved it, it saved to 2dpi!! 2!!!..am I saving it wrong? because I need to keep my original dpi.

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Thank you for your interest in BatchPhoto and for your feedback.

BatchPhoto does not change the original image's DPI unless you tell it specifically to do so with the Resize Advanced filter. As a solution to your problem, you can use the Resize Advanced filter and set the desired DPI manually.

Please send us the original image and the project file that generates a different DPI for the resulting image to support at batchphoto.com so we can investigate this problem.

Regarding the Border filter that enlarges the image's size, this is done by design since we don't want to alter the original image but only apply a border on top of it, so we enlarge the image's canvas. As you already know you can add a Resize filter after the Border filter to set the desired size.

Please let me know if this solves your problem.
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