Crop photos/pictures in batch mode

Do you need to crop/cut dozens of pictures fast and without much trouble? With BatchPhoto picture cropping software it's easy to crop/cut collections of pictures in one operation.

Cropping photos is easy, you can specify the dimensions either in pixels or percentages and see an accurate preview of the results. Once the crop filter is configured you can apply it to dozens of images in one operation.

BatchPhoto is not limited to cropping pictures/photos, it is an all-in-one batch photo editor (see all features). The idea behind BatchPhoto is to save time by editing not only one but dozens of photos in one operation. It works by selecting a group of images, defining a series of edits, and applying them in a single operation!

But why not try for free the fully-featured trial version of BatchPhoto and see if it's the right tool for you? To download the trial just left-click on the "Try it Free" button below!

With an easy to use (wizard-like) interface, BatchPhoto enables you to focus on getting things done and not on learning how to use the program. In just three easy steps and a few minutes you will have your photos edited.

Note: BatchPhoto works with Windows® XP, Vista, 7 as well as the other Windows systems.