Processing @GoPro #timelapse photos today. I am using @BatchPhoto and highly recommend it. Processing 1000s of images at a time, works great

I'm sick of resizing or tagging a photo for marketing. Either one at a time or pretending to print or export. Dragging n dropping is just added pleasure. So far I'm loving this. If u do your own marketing and have full time responsibilities as well - this is a real time saver

As for my continued use [6 years], when you make a great and easy to use tool there is no reason to stop using it! LOL
I use it to quickly rescale and convert pictures for use on websites. And this just makes it a snap!
You did such a great job with the Program!
Michael O'Leary, US - White Lake, NY

I started photographing Professional Wrestling and the company let's me water mark my name on the shots taken by me and they also must have the company's watermark as well. By using BatchPhoto I can save so much time by not having to reprocess them again with a second water mark, its such a time saver. Now that I started photographing Professional Bodybuilding some clients want up to 3 water marks on the image.
This is such a huge time saver for me and the person who recommended this program to me which is another fitness photographer.
Hector Mendoza, US - Clarksville, Tennessee

We are developing an English Foreign Language program web site for the Japanese market. It has 26 (A-Z) pages each featuring thumbnails and large images. In total over 700. Photoshop could not reduce the file size anywhere near what BatchPhoto does. Also can you imagine how long it would have taken me? To achieve what I wanted took about 30 minutes in total - including using filters etc. It is such a good program! Congratulations!
Kevin Condon, Australia - Birchgrove

I'd say it's a perfect choice for situations like "OMG, I just came from this kids birthday party with, like 200 images in RAW format and now I need to get them real small in jpg and they need to be sharpened out and saturation needs to be a bit increased and it just has to be done in no time." If it sounds familiar then BatchPhoto is for you.
Silvia -

It is a really fast way for me to watermark and resize images to web ready from the files I need for printing. The ability to just put them in a folder and do them all at once and have them in the same folder makes picture management easier. Once again it is the speed.
Richard Oakland, UK - York

Batch Photo has been the solution for doing large jobs in one effort. From placing my company logo in a professional manner, placement and size to dealing with general issues like brightness and contrast; I set the parameters and let the software do the work. I can select all of the pictures or specific items to modify and only do the job one time.
Patrick Rand, US - Washington DC
The Paparazzi "for hire" Photography Service

Many of my projects include still pictures that are submitted from different sources. I get them in various sizes and names and find that batch converting them using BatchPhoto saves me many hours on each project.
Martin Rahn, US - Jackson, NJ

I spent too much time editing photos one by one in the past! Someone suggested to me that there must be a better way. So I searched the web and found your product. I am very happy and this will save me a lot of time :)
Kevork Yerevanian, Canada - Toronto

I am just an amateur, "point and shoot" photographer using a digital camera to take family photos, etc. Usually, after I have accumulated a number of photos, I use a program such as Batch Photo to edit my pictures. I rename them, enhance them (in Batch Photo I find the "normalize" filter most useful) and then add a title or comment to the picture. In batch photo I find the "add textmark" more useful than the "add comment" filter, because you can position the title or comment exactly where you want it. I particularly like Batch Photo because you can see the modifications as you make them, and before processing the photos. This is very helpful in positioning titles or comments. On occasion, I also use some of the other filters. I have only been using Batch Photo for about a month. I am sure I will find many more uses for it in the future.

I have used many photo editing software programs over the years. Batch Photo is by far the best for my needs. I'm very glad I found it.
Joseph Anghinetti, US - Kennebunkport, ME

I just wanted to take a moment to tell you how happy I am with my recent purchase of Batch Photo!  Your software is fantastic!!  My business involves taking hundreds of photographs every week, and most of them have to be reduced in size or otherwise manipulated and corrected.  Batch Photo has literally reduced my workload by over 50%, which now allows me to take even more photographs.  I have been using other software that was far more tedious and complicated, but Batch Photo is so easy to use that I had it up, running and in use within 10 minutes after downloading it.  It's that easy!
Bill Morrison, US - Sonora, California

I have used the resize and the watermark part of your software and I find that it is wonderful to use because I don't have to do every single picture one at a time but can resize or watermark an entire folder with the touch of a button and it does the work very quickly. I really enjoy the ease of use of your software and I will tell other artist about it. Thank you!
Deanne Austin, US - Portland, Oregon

Quick and easy to use. In three easy steps you can select a batch of photos, define a series of edits, and rename the files. Took me maybe 30 seconds to rotate, resize, and rename 200 files.
Dean Benkowski, US - San Jose, CA

I tested various batch photo resizing applications and also file renaming applications and I have found that your single application beats them all. Thank you for a great product.
Dean Benkowski, US - San Jose, CA

Using the program was easy and quick, I really liked the filters it offered me as well as the filename modification. I was also amazed at how many different output types were available. The previews were also found to be excellent.
Ben Goertz, US