How to Add Special Effects to Photos

Using your favorite photo editor you can add an artistic touch to your photos with filters like B&W, Sepia, Charcoal sketch, and so on. However, with a normal photo editor you need to edit your photos manually, one by one.

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BatchPhoto is not a "normal" photo editor, it's a batch photo processing tool for Windows & Mac. With BatchPhoto you can automate the process and apply special effects to all your photos in one session!

BatchPhoto has many fx filters that you can apply to your photos in batch mode:

  • Black & White — Transform the images from true colors into grayscale pictures;
  • Sepia — Make your photos look like they were shot dozens of years ago with old photographic cameras;
  • Charcoal — Transform your photo into a pencil sketch with the help of this filter;
  • Edge — Highlight the edges of the objects in your photos with this filter;
  • Emboss — Highlight the edges of the objects in your photos wit a 3D effect;
  • Blur, Gaussian Blur — Makes picture hazy in appearance using the blur or the gaussian blur algorithm;
  • Implode — Deform image by creating an implosion effect in the center of the image;
  • Negate — Replace every color in the image with its complementary color;
  • Noise — Make images look fuzzy, by adding noise;
  • Oil Paint — Transform photos into artistic oil paintings, that appear painted by Michelangelo;
  • Solarize — Make photo look like the photographic film was exposed to light during the development process;
  • Shade — Make photo look like a 3D sculpture in grayscale or true colors;
  • Spread — Deform image by spreading pixels in all directions;
  • Swirl — Deform image by creating a twisting motion in the center of the picture;
  • Wave — Deform image by creating a horizontal wave effect.

Install the free trial of BatchPhoto from below, to give your photos an artistic feel!

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Visually watermark images in batch mode, as easy as 1-2-3!

Note: BatchPhoto works on Windows® 11, 10, 8.1, 8, 7, Vista, and XP as well as macOS® Sonoma (14), Ventura (13), Monterey (12), Big Sur (11), Catalina (10.15), Mojave (10.14), High Sierra (10.13), and Sierra (10.12).