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The Names filter (Step 2) is an advanced tool for changing the cryptic names that were generated by your digital camera (e.g. DSC2342.jpg) to meaningful names like "Summer July, 2011.jpg".

Its power consists in the ability to compose a file name from both alpha numeric text and keywords. A keyword has the following syntax : "[Keyword]" and is a variable that can take different values for different photos. For example the [Filename] keyword will be replaced with the corresponding photo name, the [Date] keyword will be replaced with the corresponding photo date and so on.

The Names filter comes with three preset settings and a Custom Defined section:

Keep Unchanged - Keeps the original photo' names (equivalent to the [Filename] keyword)

Rename to Folder's Name - Renames all photos to the name of the folder in which they reside. This is useful if you organize your photos in folders with appropriate names (e.g. Summer 2011) (equivalent to the [FolderName] keyword);

Rename to Photo's Date - Renames all photos with the date/time when they were originally taken. This can prove useful for easily sorting your photos based on the creation date (equivalent to the [DateTime] keyword);

Custom Defined - This option offers you the possibility to further customize the name of your photos in minute details. The dialog Edit Names will be launched, where you have the possibility to: enter custom text, change cases, add counters, add date/time, and even search & replace in filenames.



You can enter any text you'd like in the Keywords editable filed. The text can be inserted anywhere between keywords. Also you can have only text into this field without any keywords.

You can add a keyword to the file name by pressing the + button on the right side of the editable field. You can also manually type the keyword.  The resulting file name is created by replacing each keyword with the corresponding value. The result is shown in the Preview filed

To remove a keyword just press the - button from the right side of the editable field. You can also remove keywords from the editable field by manually erasing them. Make sure to delete the entire keyword including the square brackets ("[Keyword]")

You can change the output photo's name cases by selecting "lowercases", "UPERCASES" or "Mixed Case" from the Change cases to combo-box . The default option is "Unchanged" and it does not change the output photo's name cases

Check or un-check the Use lower-case for extensions if you want lower cases for extensions or the original cases (from the original photo's name). Default is checked

The settings in the Counter section give you the possibility to modify the value at which the counter starts, the step by which the counter is incremented each time and the number of digits in the counter format.

The settings in the Date/Time section give you the possibility to select date format, time format and whether the date and time used are the ones at which the source photo was taken/created or the current date and time.

To enable the search and replace option just type the string you want replaced in the Search for edit-box. If the sequence of characters from the Search for edit-box is found in the current output filename structure then it will be automatically replaced with the text in the Replace with edit-box. The search algorithm is not case-sensitive. To disable this option just leave the Search for edit-box blank.

Here is the complete list of keywords and the associated meanings :




Source Filename


Adds the source file name to the output photo name

Source Folder Name


Adds the folder name where the source photo resides to the output photo name.

For example you may have photos residing in the folder "Summer 2005", by adding the keyword [FolderName] to the file name the resulting photos that were originally residing in this folder will have "Summer 2005" text in the file name

Source Extension


Adds the source photo file extension to the output photo name. For example JPG, PNG



Adds a number to the output photo name for every single photo from the list. Starts at a specified value (ex. 1, 100) and is incremented for every photo with a user-defined value.

Date & Time


Adds the source photo date and time or the current date and time to the photo name