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A profile is a collection of preset instructions that will automatically configure BatchPhoto to perform a specific action. For example a profile can configure BatchPhoto to resize and rename photos for sending via email.

BatchPhoto has a set of predefined profiles that can be used to configure the application for performing the desired action. The profiles are organized in two task-oriented categories plus one for user-defined profiles.

select profile


All Profiles

All the predefined profiles plus your custom profiles


My Profiles

Profiles that you can create for speeding up common operations (see bellow how to create a custom profile)



Profiles for editing a set of photos, like: Auto Contrast, Auto Rotate or Add Date and Time;

Profiles for adding special effects to photos, like: Effect Sepia, Effect Black&White and more;

Profiles for resizing for auction sites, sending via email, and uploading online



Profiles for converting to different formats like: JPEG, PDF, PNG or TIFF;

Profiles for renaming


User-Defined Profiles

Use scenario: An user uses BatchPhoto to re-size, adjust brightness and rename a different set of photos all at once and once every week. Instead of configuring the application each time with the desired filters and settings, he can do it just the first time and save the resulting configuration as a new profile. The user will then use the saved profile every time (every week in our scenario) for processing a different set of photos.

For speeding up common operations you can create your custom profiles which will be available to load at every application start-up (if this setting is activated) from the "Profiles" window. You can also open the "Profiles" window from the main menu: Wizard > Select Profile.

To save a profile select File > Save Profile from the main menu. Type the profile's name in the "File name" field, then press Save. A new dialog will pop-up where you can (optionally) modify the profile's name and description which will be displayed in "Profiles" window. If a profile is currently loaded, you can quickly save your changes to that profile by using the Ctrl + S key combination.

To delete a profile right-click on the profile's name that you want to delete in the "Profiles" window and select Delete. Only user-defined profiles can be deleted.

To edit the name and description of a profile right-click on the profile's name that you want to edit in the "Profiles" window and select Edit. Only user-defined profiles can be edited.