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Monitor Main

BatchPhoto Monitor is a component of the Enterprise edition of BatchPhoto that can scan folders on your computer or on a FTP account for newly added or modified images and automatically applies custom defined edits on them. The Monitor is automatically started (by default) when BatchPhoto Enterprise is launched (you can disable it from Edit > Settings). It will stay active and monitor target folders even when BatchPhoto is closed or after restarting your computer. You can find it in the system tray area (bottom right corner of your screen).


A task in BatchPhoto Monitor is called a "Job". A Job is created for each monitored folder and each Job has an associated custom profile that will be used to edit the newly added or modified images in the monitored folder. So a Job ties one monitored folder to a set of edits. There are two types of Jobs that you can create: Folder Watch and FTP Watch, each monitoring a folder either on your computer/network or on a FTP account.


Each Job has its own execution time interval (e.g. 30 seconds) at which it scans its monitored folder for newly added or modified images. Each time a Job scans a folder and decides that changes have been made and it should start to process the new photos, a notification message, indicating the name of the executed Job, will appear in the bottom-right corner of your screen.

After its first execution, BatchPhoto Monitor will permanently be active on your system scanning your monitored folders until you decide to deactivate it (permanently or until the next system start-up).

When BatchPhoto Monitor is active a small icon will appear in your System Tray area. When you right-click on this icon a contextual menu will appear containing the options depicted above. The Show Monitor option maximizes the Monitor's main window in case it is minimized or gives it focus otherwise. The Open BatchPhoto option launches BatchPhoto with the default settings. The Launch at Startup option determines if BatchPhoto Monitor will launch the next time your system starts. The Load Settings and Save Settings As options can be used to load an earlier saved configuration or save the current configuration of the Monitor. The Help Manual option will launch the Monitor section of BatchPhoto's help file. The Exit option will deactivate BatchPhoto Monitor until the next system start-up if the Launch at Startup option is enabled or permanently otherwise.

BatchPhoto Monitor's main window consists of a list of Jobs, three buttons that enable you to manipulate the elements of the list and the Hide button which minimizes the Monitor.

The check-box in front of the name of each Job indicates whether the Job is activated or not. A deactivated job will suspend any kind of activity until it is activated again.

The Add button enables you to add new Jobs to the list. After pressing the button you must further select the type of Job you want to add to the list: Folder Watch or FTP Watch. A specific dialog will appear for each type of Job. After you are finished setting up your Job's settings and close the settings dialog the newly created Job will appear in the Job list.

The Remove button will delete all the selected Jobs from the list. By selecting a Job from the list and pressing the Edit button, or by double clicking on a specific Job, the settings dialog of that Job will appear giving you the possibility to modify its settings.