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TIFF is the acronym for Tagged Image File Format and is a lossless file format, unlike JPEG. Being a lossless format which means all image data is kept no matter how many times the picture is saved, makes it useful for archiving images and is often used by image professionals. TIFF also supports multiple pages which means multi-page documents can be saved to a single TIF file.


The TIFF output format also comes with the option of creating a single multi-page TIFF document from all the processed photos.



Select the compression algorithm that you want to use for your processed photos from the Compression combo-box
If you choose the Jpeg compression algorithm, the Size/Quality slider will become enabled giving you the possibility to set the exact quality of your output photos.
Select the desired color space and bit depth from the Colors/BitDepth combo-box. The Custom option enables you to choose a custom color profile for your processed images
The default settings can be restored by pressing the Reset button.