Part of photos greyed/blanked out after date stamping

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I have been using BatchPhoto to add date stamps to entire folders. All folders had been going well until I noticed in each of the last few folders that there are three to four photos that appear to have the bottom parts greyed/blanked out when looking at the thumbnails in windows. When I click to view the particular photos they look fine and you can see all the photo as usual. I have not tried having these photos printed yet so not sure if they will print okay or remain blanked out. What do I need to do to stop this blanking out from happening?

Also I have noticed that after I have added the date stamp that the size of the photo has been reduced. Is that normal or is there something I need to do to stop this happening?

Also, I have noticed that all the photos in some folders now show a little padlock icon in the bottom left corner when viewing thumbnails in windows but other folders do not. What does this mean and how can i stop this from happening?

Many thanks
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Dear user,

The issue with the thumbnails is related to the way Windows Explorer generates picture previews. These previews are not always generated using the picture's EXIF thumbnail data, they are sometimes simply generated by Windows Explorer from the picture itself. Sometimes this automatic generation of a preview may produce an incorrect result. So you have nothing to worry about regarding the way Windows Explorer generates your pictures' previews because we guarantee that the actual photos are correctly processed and can be printed without any artefacts.

If you choose JPEG as the output format then it is normal to get smaller size pictures at output because JPEG is a format that uses "lossy" compression which means that some data from the initial photo will be lost after each processing session. Try using PNG of TIFF as output formats to ensure that the size of the photos does not change after processing.

Regarding the padlock problem I must ask you for further details like operating system type and version and step by step description of your actions. But at a first glance I can confidently say that this is not an issue that can affect the correct processing of your photos.
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Hi Micky, just wondering on what version you are using here.
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