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I recently bought Batch Photo Pro (ver.4.4) to add a simple 15 pixel border to 3,271 images.
All the images are 1920 x 1080.
After noting that most images with a border were a smaller size than the original image,
I ran a Dir on each of the 2 folders and put the results into Excel.

Results were:
Original images Images with border
2,417,198,898 1,992,401,972 Total bytes

425,168,046 sum of difference of each image (original-border images)
2,521,582 Max difference between individual images
-623,422 Min difference between individual images

So generally most images were reduced in size, but some were increased in size.

I would expect each and every image to be ONLY INCREASED in size.

Does any one have an idea what is going on?

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This happens because you save your output images as JPG/JPEG which is a lossy image format. This means some data will be lost each time you re-save the image. No matter if you save with BatchPhoto or Photoshop or any other editor.

There are two solutions to this problem:
* In Step 3 select the Output Format as JPG, then click on Settings and adjust the Size/Quality slider to get an image size close to the originals;
* Save your images in a lossless image format like PNG or TIF with much bigger file sizes.

Here are more details about image formats: ... r-the-job/
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