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I am having problems. When I open the photos in batch pro the colors are messed up. I tappears the there is some special effect. I can make it better by messinf with the gamma. the thing is i open it and it looks funny. I am putting date stamp on the photo. I do that it still looks funny but when I process it and go and look at it in the folder that I saved it to . the photo looks normal. Why when I view a photo in batch pro does the photo look crazy????? when I was using the trial version this did not happen.
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This problem may be caused by a custom display profile (ICC) set in your system. You may try do remove this profile or set your display to 32 bits per pixel (bpp or bit).

Firstly, try to set your display to 32 bpp and see if you still have problems with the previews. To set your display to 32 bpp: Right click on the Desktop > select Properties > Settings > Color quality > 32 bit.

If this does not solve your issue, try to remove the custom ICC profile: Right click on the Desktop > select Properties > Settings > Advanced > Color Management > Select the profile from the list then press Remove.

Please let me know if this solves your problem.

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