Software to do Mass Image Personalization?

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Imagine that I have a csv file with two records. Each record has two fields: first-name and unique-image.

Mary, image of Mary's home page
Bob, image of Bob's home page

I want to be able to batch process the file and write (using my choice of font) "Hey first-name" in the exact same place in/on the image associated with that record.

Does anyone know of any software that does this? If so, I would be forever indebted to you!!!

Hint: this would be a great feature to add to your software imo.

Thanks in advance for your help!
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With the Watermark-Text from BatchPhoto you can add text to photos from a text file. This filter will read one line of text at a time from the text file and watermark it on each image you add to BatchPhoto in the order they are sorted in Step 1.

You can try this feature for free by installing the trial version from here:
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