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I just purchased BatchPhoto pro the other day. I need to be able to resize images for our website and have each image have it's own individual file name. How can I do that doing batches of images? When I try to do it all are resized just fine but they all have the same file name with a numbers after each one. Example : 09SOS300B-9780740317149(01).jpg; 09SOS300B-9780740317149(02).jpg

These images will be put on a spread sheet that will be imported to our website. I cannot have all the images have the same filename along with the added (01), (02), etc. added on. Can you help please?

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It seems you specified a name for pictures in Step 2 but have not added a counter to differentiate between the pictures so one was added by default.

You can specify custom names for your pictures using our advanced rename feature. In Step 2 > Filenames you can add text and keywords that will form up the resulting filenames. The keywords that you can add are: [Counter], [Date], [Time], [FolderName] and more.

So a custom name will look like "MyName [Date] [Counter]".

For a tutorial see (Step 2.7): ... -time.html

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