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As a 40+ year system designer (part of my resume, in 1995 I was the first to put electronic medical records on the Internet, well documented) ... i would like to be able to call photomarks with a command line so I can integrate into software or even create a desktop icon to make it super-simple/fast to run.

Simply put, be able to call the program with very basic commands, such as:

photomarks -P fbd -F c:\photos\123 -E
photomarks -P fbd -F c:\photos\123.jpg -E

where ...
-P names my prebuilt Profile so it knows everything I need to do (resize, add logo, add copyright statement)
-F names a folder to get my photos from (1st example) or an individual photo (2nd example)
the 1st one could also be c:\photos\123\*.* or *.jpg or a*.* for files starting with "a" - these would be nice, but I'd settle for just passing a folder name and have all files in it processed or the individual file specified without the wildcard feature (but that wouldn't be that hard to have if you have the other options built)
-E execute the program with the file(s)/folder without any intervention, then CLOSE the program when done. YES TO ALL is assumed.
if -E not there, it could load the Profile, load the photos, then wait for user intervention.

Other options would be nice, but this covers the basics that would make it so I can automate calling photomarks from a command line, desktop icon, or programmatically

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Thank you for your feedback.

You can do that already with scripts in PhotoMarks. You can specify in a script: the source folder (even add search keywords), set the filters, and the output details. You can also specify that the processing should work without human intervention and the interface should be hidden.

You can find the documentation for scripts here (browse to Scripts):

Please let me know if this solves your problem.
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