Could you add a Count feature to your program?

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Carlos A Negron

As a Private Detective I am looking for a program that add the date and time stamp for court purpose but when we take a batch of photos and take several photos with the same time (minutes) we can not tell which one was firts, when we past the photos printed to our clients they mess around the stacks and to put back in the same order is dificult when you have 50 to 100 photos. it will be nice if you could add a filter under annotate to count in sequence 1 through 50 or ..... the stacks of photos to mantain the order for the court and clients. plus the date and time stamp is nice. Could you guys add this new feature to your software Count the photos and add a sequence number ???

Carlos A Negron
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Yes, you can add a counter visibly on your photos. We have a feature in the Comment and Watermark-Test filters that can add the filename visibly onto the photo. So if your filenames are numbers in a sequential order, you will add sequencial numbers visually on your photos and in batch mode.

Just download the trial from our website and try this feature yourself:

Here is how to setup BatchPhoto:
1. You can rename all your photos by adding a counter in Step 2 > Edit Names section. For example select the preset "Rename to Folder's Name".
2. Also in the Comment and Watermark-Text you can add the file name visibly on the photos with Add Keyword > [Filename].
Mike Cosmin Unguru
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If I search for files, I get a count in the status bar. If I use folder:, I get information about the first folder in the list. I would prefer that the count be displayed when using Folder: also.

Thanks for a great product
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