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I would like to see an enhancement to Stamp Date/Time feature to do the following:

+ Set a baseline time for the first photo in a batch to stamp to the photo
+ Offset the time from the first photo in the set and stamp in subsequent photos

e.g., I take photos at finish at local running events. Would like to set the baseline
photo stamp as 00:15:10 (15 min and 10 seconds). Then EXIF time difference between that photo
and subsequent photos to computed and added to baseline. i.e., if the baseline photo has EXIF time of 10:04:30 and the 2nd one has 10:04:38, the stamped as 00:15:18 (8 seconds from baseline).
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Dear user,

Thank you for your feedback, we will consider your suggestion.

Meantime you know that you can stamp any text you want (time intervals, custom dates) by entering them manually in the Comment or Watermark-Text filters from the Annotate category?
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