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Hi, I'm trying to save a batch of images in several different sizes with corresponding sized watermarks and file names. i.e. from one image (say 1800x1800px) I get one 100x100pm image, one 250x250px image, and one 500x500px image with the watermark on the smaller ones being a larger text size to make them more readable. So far I have achieved this by creating three profiles and running each profile on the same batch of input images.

Is it possible to do this all in one go?

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If I understood correctly you apply different sized watermarks for the same original image. You can apply one size watermark on the original image, but take care that the watermark filter be placed *before* the resize filter, so in will be applied on the original dimensions before resizing the images. This way the watermark will look the same on the different sized images.

Indeed, using profiles is the fastest way to complete this three different actions on your pictures. Also please not that you can apply the profiles directly from Windows Explorer right-click menu, which can also speed-up your work!

I hope this helps, please let me know if there is something else.

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