Crashing During CR2 Raw to JPEG

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I'm converting a folder of 63 photos as above and the software gets a little way through then just shuts down. Restart and repeat process w/same group of photos results in same results but it acts like it already converted first 10 or less photos "do you want to overwrite, etc?" I said no and it still crashed. Also it did not convert those first photos. They are NOT visible to me in the destination folder.

I see someone had a similar problem a year ago.

My pictures are from an 18 mp camera. What's the max number of cr2 files I should convert at once?

Also, I'll turn off preview. Any other suggestions?

UPDATE: I disabled multicore processing in the Software Settings and I'm doing 41 photos at a time. Pretty good for my purposes. I may do a test batch of many more photos at once, but not really relevant so maybe not.

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Thank you for using BatchPhoto.

Some RAW images may have problems when processing in the multi-core mode, so disabling the multi-core settings can solve it, as it did for you.

We are now working on an update which will hopefully solve this problem as well. Please let me know if there is something else.
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