Converting from PNG to EPS at Higher DPI

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Here is my requirement: My computer saves all of my png files at 120 dpi, but I need them to be 300 dpi for publication (hard requirement).

Here is my problem: When I convert my png file to 300 dpi, the file dimensions become smaller. I would like the new file at 300 dpi to be the same dimensions as the original. Is there any way that I can accomplish that? (I'm not experienced with image processing, but it makes sense that the file would shrink, so that there are more "dots" in every inch - but I thought this software would do some kind of interpolation to get a higher resolution... or something like that...)

Here is my current process:
1) Add the png file to the software
2) For the editing, I select two filters: (a) Resize Advanced (for changing DPI), then (b) Resize (to set back to original file size)
3) I then process and save the file

When I upload the new file into latex, the picture size is smaller in my document making it difficult to read.

Is there any way that I can do this to have the picture size the same after using BatchPhoto (ideally in one step...)?

I am trying to avoid scaling each photo in latex - which would be incredibly tedious.
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When changing the DPI with the Resize Advanced filter, the image size in pixels will not be modified. The new DPI will be written in the image metadata without changing the rezoltution in pixels.

Please let me know if this clarifies your concerns.
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