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Color Correction

Posted: Tue Jun 08, 2021 9:55 pm
by Brucifer
I have the trial version of BP Pro. My task is to color correct many jpgs made from old slides which have deteriorated due to age. The basic work involves removing color discrepancies from shaded (lowlight) areas of the photo. Also, a little gamma and hi-light correction. Saturation adjustment too. I can easily do this with Photoshop and Luminar but batch processing of the corrected results with them is daunting. That's where your product comes in . Except for this (which makes it impossible to use):
Choosing Levels, I can't see the effect of my adjustments in real time. Only when I choose OK in the Levels dialog box, do I see the change I've made, there in the main box. I have Preview selected everywhere I can. But if I make change to the blue channel in Levels, and then go to another channel, the sliders are set to the changes I made in Blue. If I now change say, the Red channel sliders, the Blue, and Green chans are also changed. And the Preview picture never shows the composite effect. How can I judge the degree of adjustment I need if I can't see the effect on the final picture? With the other pgms I mentioned, any changes made are shown immediately as the resultant photo. Hue and saturation works the same way in BP Pro. What gives? Am I missing something?

Re: Color Correction

Posted: Thu Jun 10, 2021 3:42 pm
by Cosmin

Thank you for trying BatchPhoto Pro.

If you need modifications for each color channel (Red, Green and Blue) you need to create 3 Level filters, one for each channel and their actions will be combined in the preview from Step 2. You can also preview changes in real-time in the filter settings window.

Also you can preview changes in real time for the Hue/Saturation filter in the filter settings window.

Please let me know if this solves your problem.