Order of photos after renaming not the same

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We are renaming the photos in the folder with the folder name. The pictures are then named Folder Name-01.jog so 01-17 if you have 17 photos in the folder.

What we are seeing is the pictures after processing are not in the same order as the original pictures. The order is important as they are uploaded to many websites and we want them in the specific order taken (date/timestamp)

We cannot figure out what order the pictures are being processed and renamed.

Is there a way to control and make sure the renamed pictures are in the same order as the pictures are taken (date/timestamp)?
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Thank you for your question.

The photos are renamed in the order they are sorted in Step 1. So make sure that the order is correct in Step 1 before processing.

You can also rename your photos directly to the date/time taken with the [Date][Time] keywords. if you rename the pictures to the date/time taken I recommend you use the YYYY-MM-DD template so that the resulting files will be sorted properly in Explorer or when loaded in BatchPhoto.

Please let me know if this solves your problem.
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