Recreating the Folder Structure on FTP Detination

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I have a local watched folder structure (2 levels deep: 1 folder, containing 100s of subfolders, each containing photos) on my computer, and I want this structure replicated on my remote web server, but with resized/reduced photos, retaining the same structure and filenames. It works when I do this locally on my computer or local network, but when I use the ftp location of my remote ftp server as a destination, it just transfers the pictures without the folder structure.
How do I keep the structure?

I tried to trick it using the file renaming utility. It fails, and no file is transferred. this is what the log says:
Process started at 2021-01-05, 23:42:38.

Processing 2 images with 1 graphical filter(s) per image.

System: 16 CPU core(s) detected.
Launching 2 thread(s) of execution.

- Failed to write C:/Users/Pegasusphoto/AppData/Local/Temp/BatchPhotoTemp/Sentower/Anna Mertens/2020-12-27_09.30.25_0369.jpg
- Failed to write C:/Users/Pegasusphoto/AppData/Local/Temp/BatchPhotoTemp/Sentower/Athy/2020-12-27_09.30.57_0375.jpg

Warning: Process completed with 2 errors. For details see the log above.
Time elapsed: 0.8s

Uploading to

Deleting temporary files...

Upload failed.
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Thank you for using BatchPhoto Enterprise.

Unfortunately in the current version the folder structure cannot be recreated on FTP. You can work around this by processing the images locally with the desired folder structure then uploading everything to FTP with a FTP-client like FileZilla.

Please let us know if there is something else.
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