Top 10 Batch Image Converter Software for Mac

Top 5 Batch Converter Software for Mac

Anyone who has been working with digital images has had to convert them to a particular format at a certain point. Maybe you’ve shot your images in RAW and now need to export them to a more commonly-used format. Maybe you need to compile a PDF document from multiple pictures or you’re simply required to send or upload images in a specific format.

No matter the reason, you can easily accomplish your tasks with the aid of picture converter software for Mac. There are several apps that are particularly designed to serve conversion purposes and make the process as simple and fast as possible, by enabling batch processing.

To make your research easier we’ve compiled a list of 10 image converters for Mac, really useful when you need to switch from one format to another:


Top 5 Batch Image Converters for Mac

BatchPhoto is a batch image converter that has the capacity to read and convert to more than 170 image formats. This Mac app is designed to support RAW images from the majority of DSLR cameras and ensure conversion in bulk to more popular formats like JPEG or TIFF in a single operation. Moreover, it can create PDF from multiple pictures of various formats like JPEG, TIFF, PNG or BMP so that you’ll easily share your resulting files.

Besides being able to convert multiple images at once, BatchPhoto can also resize, watermark, crop, date stamp or retouch photos in the same session. The app comes equipped with numerous features for optimizing and improving the overall appearance of your photos and it’s got the advantage of being quite intuitive. You’ll have no problems in easily finding what you need.

To help you boost productivity, BatchPhoto allows you to save your settings as Profiles and easily retrieve them later. You can save your newly-edited pictures on a local folder, upload them to FTP or send them via email.


Top 5 Batch Image Converters for Mac

GraphicConverter is one of the oldest software on the market, with its first release dating back from 1992. Throughout the years it has undergone several changes, but it has maintained its ability to efficiently convert photos. The tool can read approximately 200 types of formats and can export to around 80 different graphic formats, basically covering every need when it comes to converting.

Though the name would make you think it limits itself to image converting, GraphicConverter does more than that. It also allows you to apply various edits to optimize your pictures, like cropping, resizing or lens correction and also to get creative using a wide range of filters and effects.


Top 10 Batch Image Converter Software for Mac

PhotoMill is a Mac utility developed to perform diverse picture-related tasks. With this app you have the possibility to import commonly-used image formats and batch convert them to JPG, PNG, TIFF, HEIC or GIF for instance. The tool lets you adjust as you please the settings for each of the formats mentioned.

PhotoMill provides other useful features for Mac users. The program can be used as a photo browser, so you can view, sort and search images using multiple criteria. At the same time you can use it as a metadata editor. The app allows you to edit, add or remove numerous EXIF/IPTC tags. You’ll also find options to rename, resize, watermark and adjust image colors. You can share your photos on Facebook, upload them to Flickr or transfer them to a different Mac via AirDrop.

PhotoConvert 5


PhotoConvert is an interesting Mac utility designed to ensure a simple and fast image conversion. The program supports multiple formats, including RAW files, HEIC, PSD and WebP. You can adjust quality settings for JPEG, HEIC and WebP formats. The process of converting images in bulk is pretty simple: add your pictures, select your preferred export options and destination folder and export them.

PhotoConvert 5 comes with an Automator action called “Convert Format of Images”, which enables you to build workflows and simplify your tasks. With this Mac app you can perform other useful operations, such as renaming, resizing or time stamping pictures. The app has also the ability to improve the overall aspect of your images, by automatically adjusting the color level, white balance, highlights, shadows and more.

IMT Image Converter

Top 5 Batch Image Converters for Mac

IMT Image Converter is another proposal for converting images on Mac. The app is quite simple to use and does exactly what’s expected of it, that is efficiently change picture format in bulk. You won’t encounter the same variety of formats, but there’s support for standard conversions.

In addition to converting, it can also create PDF files from multiple photos and perform basic operations like resizing, renaming and adding text and/or logo watermarks to pictures. You can also enhance your pictures by wrapping various frames and borders around them.

AppleMacSoft Graphic Converter

Top 10 Batch Converter Software for Mac

Graphic Converter by AppleMacSoft provides support for more than 50 graphic formats. These include widely-used formats like JPG, PNG or TIFF and certain RAW files from popular digital cameras.

The app is designed to be quite easy to use and to carry out the image conversion process in three simple steps. All you have to do is add your files or folder, choose the destination folder and output format and just click on the Convert button. You can’t perform other operations to optimize and improve the aspect of your images other than resizing.

iWinSoft Image Converter

Top 10 Batch Converter Software for Mac

iWinSoft Image Converter is a simple app that allows you to batch convert images. And that’s pretty much it. There are no other editing options available if you wish to further optimize your pictures.

The app supports all popular formats, as well as RAW files from almost all DSLR manufactures, and it’s simple to use: in the main window just drag your images, select the output format and export folder and let the program process them.

Image Converter

Top 10 Batch Image Converter Software for Mac

Image Converter by Converter Lab is a tool particularly developed to convert images on Mac. The program is user-friendly and ensures a quick conversion process. All you have to do is drag & drop your files, select the output format and destination folder and hit the Convert button.

Image Converter supports over 100 formats, including JPEG, PNG, PSD, PDF, GIF, EPS and HEIC. In addition to converting, you have options to resize, compress and crop your photos. It’s important to mention that your files are uploaded to the cloud to be converted. The files will be deleted from the server as soon as the conversion process is over.

iMazing Converter

Top 10 Batch Image Converter Software for Mac

iMazing Converter is a solution created to convert not only photos, but videos as well. More precisely, this is an app exclusively developed for the HEIC/HEIF, respectively HEVC formats.

You can convert HEIC to JPEG or PNG and HEVC to MPEG-4 and customize the compression/quality and resolution of JPEG and MPEG-4 files. The process is truly simple: all you have to do is drag and drop your image or video files, select between the available formats and click on the Convert button. It’s worth mentioning that iMazing Converter is 100% free.

Batch Image Converter

Top 10 Batch Converter Software for Mac

Batch Image Converter is our last alternative for converting pictures on a Mac. This is a pretty basic app that enables you to make the transition to standard image formats, like JPG, PNG or TIFF. You can also compile multiple PNG or JPG images into a multi-page TIFF.

Besides basic image converting, there’s also an option available to reduce the size of your files. On the downside, the program hasn’t received an updated in approximately six years.

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  1. Working with GC for many years I think it is kind of overkill to just resize images and occasionally convert a format. However one feature of GC I won’t miss: resize longest side to…
    Using this feature I don’t have to rotate some of the pictures in a batch. Is this feature available in the popular converter-only programs too?

  2. Hi, thank you for your comment. GraphicConverter is indeed a complex program that offers many useful features.

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