Improve your Photo Processing Workflow

Improve your Photo Processing Workflow

Photoshop and Lightroom are without a doubt the most powerful photo editing apps one can resort to. Particularly for photographers they are the tools that provide answers to most of their needs, since they come equipped with the most complex retouching and photo management capabilities on the market.

Yes, Adobe’s software is designed with unique features which, from certain points of view, make it simply irreplaceable. Of course, this doesn’t automatically mean that, for certain tasks, you can’t use other tools. In fact, it’s quite advisable to turn to other software if your aim as a professional photographer is to simplify your editing work and save time.

Developed to automate various operations, BatchPhoto comes into play with a distinctive set of features to help you significantly improve your photography-processing workflow.

Here are a couple of things the tool can do for you to increase your post-production efficiency:

Monitor Folder for Newly Added Images

One of the defining features of BatchPhoto which separates it from the rest is the Folder Watch feature. What does this mean? As the name suggests it, this alternative photo editing software has the capacity to scan folders on your computer or on your FTP account for newly added pictures. If the program detects changes, it will immediately recognize them and begin processing the new images according to the custom defined edits you originally made.

Regardless of the photography niche you’re in, this function can be of tremendous help in your quest to boost productivity. Whether you’re a product, wedding, commercial or sports photographer, just imagine that you can have hundreds of RAW images automatically edited and ready for use. All you have to do is transfer them from your DSLR camera to a monitored folder and the software will instantly resize, rename, watermark or convert them to a popular image format and upload them to FTP or Facebook.

Save your Settings as Profiles

Because it’s an efficiency-driven tool, BatchPhoto places at your disposal other ways to complete your post-production work as quickly and effectively as possible. So if you would like to free up time, the tool enables you to save your current settings as profiles and reuse them whenever necessary.

Let’s say you have to perform specific edits like resize, convert and watermark on multiple images at once on a constant basis. Instead of applying these filters on your pictures every time, you can save your initial configuration with the desired edits as a New Profile. Then you can take advantage of your saved profile and use it to process new sets of photos every time you need to, even directly from Windows Explorer’s right-click menu.

Improve your Photo Processing Workflow

Create your Own Scripts

Another way to explore the software’s increased functionality is to create your own scripts. These are an effective alternative in case you’re dealing with repeatable tasks and wish to automate the editing process. What’s great about them is that they can be executed directly through the command line on both Mac and Windows. Moreover, by making use of a task scheduler, you have the possibility to run scrips at specific intervals.

To create your scrips you first need to define your task, which can range from a simple watermarking to applying various effects and touch-up filters. Next, after you’ve set your task, all you have to do is save it as a script. Once you’ve created it, you can further customize the script to your individual requirements by manually editing the script file.

Date Stamp Photos in Batch Mode

In order to add a date stamp with Photoshop you have to create a text layer or use the brush tool, then create a new action and afterwards apply it to your entire folder. And this is for a manually entered date, not one automatically read from the photo’s EXIF metadata.

On the other hand, BatchPhoto can read the original date from the EXIF metadata and easily date stamp hundreds of pictures at the same time in a single session. The software allows you to add your personal touches to the stamp and hence completely customize it with regard to the font, size, color, transparency or special effects like shadow, stroke and bounding-box. You can also customize the position of the stamp on your photos, as well as its format.

There’s no need to worry if the date was incorrectly recorded by your DSLR camera. The tool enables you to add or subtract from a couple of seconds to dozens of years. Moreover, thanks to the Auto Rotate filter which automatically rotates images, it will accurately stamp your portrait photos.

As a conclusion, all these features are bound to help photographers develop a better workflow. This can lead to increased efficiency in the post-event processing phase and therefore offer more time for creative or personal tasks.

You can try BatchPhoto for free right now by downloading from here!