How to Improve your Real Estate Photo Editing

How Batch Processors Make it Easy for Realtors

Saying that photography is important to the real estate business would most surely be an understatement. We live in a modern era that ceaselessly demands visual appeal. The housing market in particular has made a huge leap from what it used to represent, laying a great deal of emphasis on the visual aspect of the business.

In order to make a good first impression, realtors need to present potential buyers professional, alluring property images. These images can be obtained with the aid of a specialized tool that allows you to make all the necessary adjustments. Photo apps can help real estate agents streamline their workflow and increase the chances of selling a home.

Save time and energy

Let’s face it, in today’s world proper time management is essential. Realtors often find themselves caught in repeatable actions that could be easily simplified. Simplification can be accomplished with the help of a program particularly designed for this kind of necessities.

Unlike a classic editing tool, a batch processing software has the capacity to apply changes on hundreds of pictures at once. This means you’ll no longer have to spend hours manually editing, because a batch image processor gets the job done within minutes. Regardless of your needs, whether image resizing, watermarking or brightening, these real estate apps will process multiple photos with just a couple of clicks.

The effects? You’ll gain precious time and conserve energy resources which you can channel towards other important business tasks.

1. Resize to Optimize Photos for Web Use

As a real estate professional, after taking photos of a specific property, you’ll need to optimize them for online use. Whether you’ll upload them to social media platforms or your agency’s website, you’ll need to reduce their size. And this is where a batch image processor comes in.

This type of software can help you resize pictures in batch mode and save those settings for later use. Instead of manually resizing one by one, you can allow the program to reduce the size of hundreds of pictures in a single operation. The tool gives you the opportunity to select the exact dimensions for width and height measured in either pixels or percentages.

This way, by leveraging a batch image resizer, you can gain precious time and use it to focus on your listings and make your business grow.

2. Watermark to Secure your Property Images

It is fair to say that the online environment is not entirely safe. On the contrary, many unpleasant things occur, including content scraping. There is no surprise that almost daily original pictures are being stolen by copy cats and then getting published on diverse websites. Many realtors have come across this problem which fortunately has a suitable solution.

A batch processing tool can increase your protection against theft by applying watermarks on your photos. The app allows you to create a wide range of text or logo watermarks in complete accordance with your placement, transparency, font, size or color preferences. Whether you want your watermark to be quite prominent or, on the contrary, almost imperceptible, the software will help you protect your property pictures.

And the best part about it is that it has the capacity to apply watermarks on hundreds of images at once. This means you secure your images and get to do it very fast.

3. Date Stamp Photos With Ease

How Batch Processors Make it Easy for Realtors

In order to properly document your activity it’s advisable to date stamp your pictures. This way, when you’ll need to associate a property with a certain event or moment, you’ll find it easier to piece it all together. Modern digital cameras do print this type of info on the pictures, so it seems like we won’t be needing a third-party app, right? Actually, we do and here’s why:

As opposed to the date stamp printed by the camera, the one provided by a specialized software is completely customizable. This means that, first of all, you can set the position of the stamp anywhere you want, making it less obtrusive and less distracting from the original image. Second of all, you can it adjust it to your liking in terms of  size, font, color or transparency. Furthermore, you can apply various effects like shadow or stroke and choose the date and time format that suits you best.

4. Create Eye-catching Pictures

In the old days buyers had to personally drive to the property they were interested in to get a clear picture of how it looks like. Today any online listing is accompanied by a gallery of images that try to best describe the house. These images are decisive, as they can make a buyer fall in love with the property or simply ignore it.

In order to obtain appealing final images you need a little bit of post processing and this is where a tool like BatchPhoto steps in. With features such as Brightness, which helps you lighten underexposed parts, or Saturation, which gives your pics a discreet color boost, you can create photos that will stand out. You can also use the Sharpen feature and turn your property images into crisp, professional-looking ones.

The result? Good media, happy vendor

Editing your photographs in an appealing way with the aid of specialized tools can generate nothing but benefits. High-quality images attached to every listing can speak volumes for your real estate company and establish it as truly professional.

Moreover, not only buyers will get to enjoy a great property display. The vendor also will be most surely satisfied with the way his property is being introduced to the online environment.