How to Edit Blog Photos Effectively

How to Edit Blog Photos Effectively

It’s no surprise that images play a significant role when it comes to creating engaging content. According to the Skyword study, a piece of content that includes relevant images is likely to receive 94 percent more views than image-free content.

Using eye-catching photos on a blog post is therefore a great way to attract more views, to agreeably break the text when necessary and to make it more shareable on social networking sites. So, since we can all agree that pictures really do help bloggers in the quest to expand notoriety, let’s see how we can properly edit them to reach our goals.

Edit Multiple Images at Once

There are plenty of image editing tools designed for bloggers, each of them with distinct features to serve various purposes. In case you’re focused not only on optimizing your images, but also on doing it in an effective manner you can opt for a batch editing software like BatchPhoto for instance.

The benefit of such a tool is that it has all the perks of an all-round editing software plus the capacity to process multiple photos at the same time. And if you think about it, why should you lose time and energy editing images one by one when you can use a specialized tool that does it automatically for you?!

Reduce Picture File Size with Ease

One of the first things you need to do in order to optimize your blog images is to resize them, which is useful for several reasons.

First of all, for easy sharing since it’s possible that your content will be displayed across a wide range of social platforms. Second of all, large images might affect the user experience since they take more time to load, so reducing their file size has a direct positive impact on your page’s loading time. Last but not least, why not save some disk space?

Resizing with BatchPhoto is super-easy and it gets done with just a couple of clicks. Basically, all you have to do is import your photos, enter the new dimensions and save them. Here’s how:

  1. Add photos
  2. In the Edit Photos tab select Add Filter > Transform > Resize. Enter the new dimensions for Width and Height
  3. In the Setup tab choose where you want to save your images, as well as their format
  4. Just hit the Process button and the software will automatically resize all your photos

How to Edit Blog Photos Effectively

Protect your Photos with a Watermark

As a blogger you do your best to provide quality visual content for your readers. And particularly because you apply so much effort into this, it’s quite unpleasant when you see your photos being used unauthorized on other websites or blogs that don’t even match the quality and standards of yours.

In order to prevent this from happening and to safeguard your work it’s advisable to watermark your photos. BatchPhoto enables you to add text and/or logo watermarks and fully customize them to cater for your needs. This means adjusting the positioning, tile mode, rotation and scaling, choosing the desired font, size and color or applying special effects like shadow, stroke or bounding-box.

The process is the same – you add your photos, apply the customized watermark, save them to your destination folder and next let the software process them. In case you need it, the tool also allows you to date stamp photos.

Keep your Images Sharp and Eye-Catching

Sometimes, even if you’ve manually set your camera, it may be possible that your photos will require a little bit of post-processing. Depending on the adjustments you need to apply, you can use various touch-up tools like:

  • Sharpen – You can use the Sharpen tool in case some of your pics came out blurry or fuzzy. By applying this filter you will be able to sharpen your photos altogether and better define specific details in them.
  • Brightness and Contrast – You can use these filters in case some of your images are underexposed or, on the contrary, overexposed.
  • Hue/Saturation – Use this filter to boost the colors and make your images pop.

All in all, editing your blog pictures doesn’t have to be a time-consuming, tedious task. On the contrary, with the right tool, you can apply the edits and effects you want and enhance productivity at the same time.

You can try BatchPhoto for free right now by downloading from here!