How to Crop Photos Online

How to Crop Photos Online

Cropping is many times a necessary step in the image editing process. This option can turn out to be useful from several perspectives. It can help you remove unwanted background or details in a photo, significantly improve the composition of a picture in accordance with the rule of thirds, as well as cut away distracting parts to keep the emphasis on the main subject.

If you are looking to crop your images and don’t really feel the need to install a new software on your PC or Mac, it’s good to know that you can do it online. There are plenty of browser-based tools designed to help you accomplish this task in a quick and easy manner. Here is a list with some of the best:

BatchPhoto Espresso

How to Crop Photos Online

BatchPhoto Espresso is our first proposal to crop images online. This is the free online and mobile version of BatchPhoto, a powerful batch photo editing software. Espresso stands out through its ease of use and ability to edit multiple images at once. In order to retouch them all you have to do is a follow a simple three-step process: upload your images in the first step, apply the desired changes in the second step and choose your saving configuration in the last one.

When it comes to cropping, the tool gives you two alternatives to choose from. You can freely cut the picture by drawing a rectangle and adjusting and dragging it to the desired position. At the same time you can manually enter the new coordinates of the picture expressed in either pixels or percentage. When you’re done just hit the Apply button and move on to the third step, where you can choose your format and image quality.

In addition to cropping, BatchPhoto Espresso comes with other useful features to optimize and enhance your photos. In that sense you have options to resize and rotate, improve the brightness and saturation, automatically optimize the contrast, reduce the noise or apply a series of special effects, such as black & white or sepia.


How to Crop Photos Online

LunaPic is a free online image editor designed with a multitude of features to improve the overall appearance of your pics. And when we say multitude, we really mean it. This web-based tool comes with an intuitive interface and is quite simple to use, making it ideal for both beginners and advanced users. You can upload up to 10 images at a time from a variety of sources, including your computer, the cloud or social networks, and directly post the newly-edited pics on social media.

If you need to cut certain parts from your photos, this tool provides multiple possibilities. You can resort to the AutoCrop option, which allows the software to completely take over and crop the photo according to its own criteria. At the same time you can resort to the Simple Crop option, where you can choose a cropping shape (rectangle, square, circle) and then freely select the area to remove. Moreover, for more complex cutting you can use the Advanced Crop tool.

As mentioned before, LunaPic is packed with useful features. You can edit your photos in numerous ways, add borders, filters and effects, as well as create stunning imagery with the aid of art elements and animations.


How to Crop Photos Online

PhotoSize is an effective solution to crop photos online. This browser-based tool is truly easy to use and gives you the possibility to edit images in bulk. All you have to do is add your files, apply the desired edits and then select the output format and image quality.

PhotoSize offers previews for the changes made and lets you undo and redo your actions. You can crop your pictures in a free from, by simply creating a rectangle and adjusting and positioning it with the aid of the corner handles. At the same time you can opt for the manual version and just introduce the desired values for the Left, Top, Width or Height of the picture.

You can use PhotoSize to do more than just cut photos. This online tool can help you reduce the size of your images, rotate, rename and convert them, retouch them by adjusting the contrast, brightness or saturation, as well as apply various artistic effects.


How to Crop Photos Online

PhotoResizer is another alternative worth considering if you need to eliminate undesired parts from your images. This web-based tool has an intuitive design and promises to make the online photo cropping process easy and quick. You can upload an image from your computer or Dropbox or open an URL and save the processed one on your desktop, share it on social media or print it.

What’s great about PhotoResizer is the fact that it places at your disposal a wide range of cropping opportunities that can serve diverse purposes. You can freely cut your pic with the aid of the cropping rectangle, you can cut it by a fixed aspect ratio, such as 1:1, 4:3 or 16:9, or by selecting from numerous predefined dimensions. At the same time you can crop an image to match all the social media sizes.

Besides cropping, PhotoResizer allows you to further optimize your pictures. In that sense you can resize, flip and rotate them, blur specific parts of a photo or insert text comments and various shapes.


How to Crop Photos Online

iLoveIMG is an online photo editing toolkit with batch processing abilities. The website has an intuitive design and lets you select the type of edit you need with a single click. You can choose from a large variety of image optimization operations. For instance, you can resize, compress, rotate, convert (including from HTML to JPG), watermark, as well as add effects, texts and filters to your pics.

As far as the cropping goes, the process is pretty straightforward. You can upload a JPG, PNG or GIF from your computer, Google Drive or Dropbox and then cut it in two ways. You can either use drag & drop or manually enter the new dimensions, expressed in pixels, for multiple parameters. When it comes to the saving options, you can download the new image on your computer, save it to Google Drive or Dropbox or share the download link.


How to Crop Photos Online

As the name might suggest it, Croppola is a genuine online image cropper. This web-based alternative is particularly designed for cutting photos and therefore comes with a large variety of options to serve this purpose. The tool has a simple and easy to navigate interface: upload your photo, choose the cropping mode and download it.

Croppola places at your disposal two ways to crop your images: auto and manual. The Auto option enables the software to analyze the image composition and then calculate the best possible crop. You can select the desired aspect ratio, choose between various formats (letter, card, A4, golden ratio) or select the suitable format for Instagram, Facebook or Twitter. The manual option gives you the chance to freely drag and drop the cropping rectangle or simply enter new values for the image dimensions.

Croppola is a great tool for removing unwanted elements from your photos. On the downside, it lacks other useful features. Besides cropping, the only other editing option is to scale the image to a certain size.

How to Crop Photos Online is a simple, yet good enough solution for removing unwanted elements from your photos. The tool doesn’t have the sleekest design, lacking the more modern interface available with some of its competitors, and doesn’t allow you to upload more than one image at a time. Instead it comes with sufficient features to help you properly optimize your photos for web use.

When it comes to cropping pictures, there are several options at your disposal. You can draw a cropping rectangle and make the necessary adjustments to it, you can type in the new image dimensions for a more accurate selection or choose a fixed aspect ratio. At any moment you can preview how your new photo will look and undo any action.

Besides cutting pictures, can be used for rotating, resizing, converting or optimizing purposes. The tool also comes with an option to remove image background.