How to Convert JPG to PDF

How to Convert JPG to PDF

JPG and PDF are without a doubt two of the most commonly-used file types today. Converting JPG to PDF can be truly useful in case you want to easily share multiple images with others. This is an efficient operation that enables you to use a single file instead of dozens, to considerably reduce the size of your high-resolution photos and hence ensure an easy and fast communication with others.

If you need to convert multiple JPG files to PDF, you can achieve this task with a series of diverse tools. In fact, at a simple search you’ll discover there’s an impressive amount of tools that can carry out this operation. You can find free online alternatives, as well as use built-in apps on both Windows and Mac. But be prepared for various limitations that will hinder the conversion process. If you want to gain total control, enjoy additional useful features and make sure the process goes smooth and quick, here’s a list of recommended software:


How to Convert JPG to PDF

BatchPhoto is an image editing app designed to effectively batch convert JPG to PDF. The tool is available for both Windows and Mac and was particularly created for batch processing, which makes it ideal if you’re dealing with dozens or hundreds of pictures that require the same type of changes.

BatchPhoto provides support for more than 170 image formats, including popular ones like JPG, PNG or TIF, and also RAW files. The app enables you to easily create a PDF album from multiple photos. All you have to do is follow a three-step wizard: add the photos in Step 1, make the desired edits in Step 2 and select your output format and folder in Step 3. Speaking of edits, the program gives you a wide range of options to optimize and improve the overall appearance of your images.

With this tool you can do anything from resizing, cropping, rotating, watermarking and date stamping to adjusting metrics like the brightness, contrast and saturation, reducing the noise or sharpening images. You can also apply a multitude of artistic, Instagram-like effects, as well as various borders and frames. One productivity-booster feature worth mentioning is the option to save your settings as Profiles and load them in future sessions. This way you’ll never have to go through the same editing steps again.

BatchPhoto gives you the possibility to save the resulting PDF document on a local folder, to send it via email or upload it to FTP.

PDF Element

How to Convert JPG to PDF

PDF Element by Wondershare is a powerful PDF editor for PC and Mac users. This program is basically designed to do anything you want with a PDF file: read it, edit it, annotate it, sign it, create and edit forms, add password protection or apply certain copying and printing restrictions. Of course, in addition to all those features, the tool gives you the opportunity to convert a PDF to and from numerous formats, including the popular JPG.

The conversion process is different, depending on the number of images you’re looking to change. If you’re looking to convert a single JPG, you need to hit the “Create PDF” button. If you’re looking to convert multiple images to PDF, you’ll need to click on the “Combine PDF” button. Once you’re done, you can further edit the new PDF file. The program lets you add text comments, watermarks, change the document’s background, use OCR to edit and extract text in images, crop the page size and more.

PDF Element gives you the possibility to save the newly-processed PDF file on your computer or share it on Dropbox, Google Drive and Wondershare cloud.

Nitro Pro

How to Convert JPG to PDF

Nitro Pro is a PDF reader, editor and converter packed with useful features. It’s important to mention from the start that this is a JPG to PDF converter for Windows only, with no Mac version available at the current moment. The program is quite easy to use and makes sure the entire conversion process goes fast and efficiently. Once you open it, all you have to do is hit the Create & Combine button and then add your files. The tool lets you rearrange the order of the files and gives you a couple of additional options, including the possibility to adjust the size of the resulting PDF.

As mentioned in the beginning, Nitro Pro places at your disposal numerous features. With this program you can add and adjust text and pictures in multiple windows at the same time, transform scanned documents into editable PDF’s thanks to OCR, insert markups, reviews and design elements, extract, rotate and rearrange pages, create or edit forms, apply a digital signature, set passwords and permissions, as well as convert to numerous file types. For easy communication you can directly upload your processed files to platforms like Dropbox, Google Drive or One Drive.

Soda PDF

How to Convert JPG to PDF

Soda PDF is a solution worth considering if you need to change JPG, PNG or TIF to PDF in an effective way. The tool offers both desktop and online versions and comes with support for a wide array of file types. When it comes to converting image files to PDF you have two options at your disposal: you can convert each image to an individual PDF or you can compile all your images into a single PDF file. Once you’ve chosen your option, you can further edit your file in numerous ways, according to your needs and preferences.

With Soda PDF you can do much more than convert files, given the fact that the program boasts a large variety of features. For instance, you can edit both text and images, trim unwanted parts, add graphical elements, rotate, watermark, compress and resize, change the background, add comments, use manual or automatic OCR or sign the document. Additionally you have the possibility to password protect and, at the same time, unlock a document by removing the password.

As far as sharing goes, you can directly save your file on a local folder, upload it to Soda PDF online, Evernote or SharePoint, as well as send it via email.

Pixillion Image Converter

How to Convert JPG to PDF

Pixillion Image Converter is, as its name clearly indicates it, a software particularly designed to change image formats. The program supports a large variety of file types, from the popular JPG and PNG to HEIC, RAW files and of course PDF. Unfortunately the conversion process is not the most intuitive. In order to convert multiple JPG’s to PDF you need to upload your files, make sure you select at least two files in the list and PDF as the output format and then click the Combine button located on the toolbar.

If you can get past the outdated interface, Pixillion Image Converter remains an option to consider, especially for changing image formats. In addition to converting, the tool places at your disposal a decent amount of features to further optimize your pictures. For that purpose you can reduce the size of your photos, flip and rotate them, apply a text or logo watermark or add some basic special effects. When it comes to exporting, you can’t directly share your newly processed files online, only save them on a local folder.