How to Batch Convert PNG to JPG

How to Batch Convert PNG to JPG

Uploading images has become an integral part of our digital activity. We upload them to websites and blogs, we share them on social media or send them via email. Those images can come in diverse formats, such as JPG, PNG, TIFF, BMP or perhaps GIF. At a certain stage you’ll most surely need to switch from one format to another in order to accomplish your task. In this particular article we’re going to show you how to convert PNG to JPG in a simple and efficient manner.

What Is a PNG File

PNG stands for Portable Network Graphic. This is a raster image file, ideal for creating various types of graphics. The PNG format offers an extensive color palette and lossless compression, which means that it won’t lose image data when compressed. Basically, this is the optimal format if you’re looking for high-quality digital photos.

What Is a JPG File

JPEG/JPG (there’s absolutely no difference between them) stands for Joint Photographic Experts Group. This is the most popular format used for storing and sharing pictures due to the smaller file size. Unlike PNG, JPG uses lossy compression, which means certain image data will be lost during the compression process.

Why Convert PNG to JPG

It may be that certain websites have strict upload requirements and only accept a specific format, such as JPG. But the main reason to make the switch from PNG to JPG is related to the image size.

A PNG file will retain all the details and won’t alter image quality, but at a cost: a larger file size. This can affect the storage space on your computer, make sharing more tedious, but it can also have a negative effect on your website. Larger files can consume more bandwidth and slow down a page’s loading time. If a website will take too long to load, the percentage of visitors leaving will be pretty high. A situation which you definitely want to avoid.

Batch Convert Images in 3 Easy Steps

Now that we’ve established the particularities of each format and why it’s important to convert from one to another, let’s see how you can actually do it.

In order to perform this operation you can resort to various image editing tools and converters. In this post we are going to show you how to batch convert PNG images to JPG with the aid of BatchPhoto.

BatchPhoto is a photo editing software for Windows and Mac with batch processing capabilities. The tool provides support for a wide range of image formats and allows you to interchange them quickly and easily. How easy? Well, all you have to do is a follow a simple, three-step process:

Step 1

Open the program and load the files you want to convert. You have multiple options in that sense: you can drag & drop your pictures, add an entire folder or a folder with subfolders.

How to Batch Convert PNG to JPG

Step 2

In the second step of the process you have the opportunity to optimize and retouch your photos. Simply click on Add Filter and choose the desired operations. Depending on your needs, you can automatically rotate and crop images, resize, watermark and date stamp them, as well as adjust the contrast, brightness, hue/saturation and apply artistic effects.

Step 3

Step 3, called Setup, is where you set your final configuration. You can select the destination of your photos (save them on a local folder, send them via email or upload them to FTP) and the image format, in our case JPG.

Once you’ve selected JPG in the Output Format section, you can make various adjustments by clicking on the Settings button. For example, you can select a custom Size/Quality for the resulting JPG images, enter a fixed size in KB and more.

Once you’ve finished making the final retouches, simply hit the Process button in the top right corner. And that’s it. Next the program will begin applying the changes you made to the entire group of pictures.

BatchPhoto is a photo editor that puts an emphasis on improving productivity. Enabling you to edit images in bulk is not the only feature designed to increase efficiency. In addition, you have the option to save your frequently-used operations as Profiles and load them in future projects. This way you won’t have to constantly go through the same editing steps and hence save precious time and energy.

You can download a free trial version of BatchPhoto here.