Best Tools to Edit Product Images

Best Tools to Edit Product Images

High-quality images are essential to any ecommerce website, no matter its profile. They are the bond between the item and the prospect. They are the key to drawing attention and to spurring the purchase, and every online business knows it. Of course, most of the high-quality product images we see are the result of smart editing work, achievable by means of special photo editing tools.

Editing your product pictures is truly necessary. Even if you followed the basic rules for taking great shots (choosing the right camera settings, using a tripod, creating the suitable lighting arrangement), you’ll still want to optimize and retouch them in post-processing. Why? Well, because your goal is to upload impeccable, professionally-looking photos. No matter if you want to reduce the size of your images or crop them, make color corrections, remove the background or certain imperfections, you can do it with the right photo editing software.

Speaking of photo editing software, you don’t really need to resort to a complex and costly solution like Photoshop. You can obtain great results with the aid of other photo editors, considerably easier to use and able to perform a wide range of useful operations. Below you can find our top picks:


Best Tools to Edit Product Images

BatchPhoto is an image editor for Windows and Mac, designed to help you edit product images with ease. The tool comes with an intuitive interface and breaks down the editing process in three simple steps: add your pictures, apply the desired edits and select your output format and folder. One of the major advantages of this editor is represented by its batch processing capabilities, allowing you to automatically edit hundreds of product photos at once.

But what exactly can you do with BatchPhoto for your ecommerce pictures? A lot, actually. The program gives you the possibility to resize, rotate, crop (freely or based on aspect ratio), add a text or logo watermark or convert images to various formats (extensive RAW support). At the same time, you can retouch your photos in diverse ways: you can adjust the contrast, brightness, color levels or saturation, reduce the noise or sharpen them. BatchPhoto lets you save the newly-edited pics locally on your computer or upload them to FTP.

A feature worth-mentioning is the fact that you can save your current settings as Profiles and load them in future projects. This way you won’t have to go through the same editing steps over and over again.


Best Tools to Edit Product Images

BeFunky is an online solution to retouch product photos in a creative and simple way. Creative – because you’ll find a multitude of editing tools, effects and filters to enhance your images. Simple – because you don’t have to be technically-savvy or have a vast experience in image editing. The editor offers plenty of AI-based features to automate the process. Basically, at the click of a button you’ll have your images automatically optimized and improved.

BeFunky offers everything you may need to edit your online store photos, from resizing to adjusting the exposure and colors and adding quotes to your pics. One of the noteworthy features is the fact that you can edit product images selectively. Thanks to the AI technology, the software can automatically detect the product in the photo and apply the selected edits exclusively to that product, without affecting the background. Speaking of background, there are options to remove it or replace it with a solid color.


Best Tools to Edit Product Images

LunaPic is another web-based alternative to consider when it comes to enhancing your product shots. There’s no sign up or log in required. All you have to do is upload an image or paste the URL and then just start editing. The interface isn’t the freshest you can find, but despite its rather dated look it’s quite easy to use.

LunaPic places at your disposal a large variety of options. Depending on your necessities, you can resize, rotate, crop and straighten, adjust the colors and light levels, remove objects from a photo, reduce red eye or drop a shadow to create a realistic effect. This online tool also gives you the opportunity to play around with the image background. You can automatically remove, blur or pixelate the background. There are also dozens of filters and effects available to apply to your images.


Best Tools to Edit Product Images

PortraitPro is a program that revolves around a specific need. As you might have guessed it, this image editor is particularly designed to edit product photography with human models. The tool resorts to artificial intelligence to enhance portraits in a remarkable way. No need to worry, because everything is done automatically by the software. The program is able to detect the subject’s facial features, skin, hair, age and gender and automatically retouch the portrait using customizable presets.

So, what sort of operations can you actually perform? Well, the list is impressive. You can smooth the skin in a natural-looking way, do neck and shoulder slimming, reform the chin, add digital make-up, change hair color and add highlights, change the iris color or sharpen the eyes. The tool also allows you to perform body and image relighting, so you can adjust as you please the light source, color and direction. It’s worth mentioning that the software offers a batch mode, so you can edit multiple portrait photos at once.

Clipping Magic

Best Tools to Edit Product Images

Clipping Magic is another solution developed to help online businesses edit their product pictures. The strong point of this online tool is its background removal feature. The editor is designed with an intelligent AI-based algorithm, which makes it possible to instantly remove the image background.

The editing process is quite simple: once you upload your picture, the software will automatically analyze it and get rid of its background. Afterwards you can inspect the photo and make further tweaks by cutting out any undesired elements or by bringing back certain details in the foreground. Clipping Magic has other useful features to offer. In that sense you can crop, resize and rotate images, perform color corrections, adjust the white balance, add various shadow effects or tweak the smoothness and feathering of the edges.