Best Photo Booth Software

Best Photo Booth Software

Using a photo booth is a great idea to liven up an event. No matter if we’re talking about a wedding, a birthday party, a class reunion or a corporate event, this picture-snapping machine is a guarantee your guests will have loads of fun and enjoy themselves.

As a business owner, you need to make sure you’re opting for the right software for your photo booth. In this article we’ve compiled a list of tools you can reliably put to use. Below you can find software developed to automatically edit hundreds of photo booth images simultaneously, as well as all-in-one software developed to be integrated with your photo booth.


Best Photo Booth Software

BatchPhoto is a photo booth editor for Windows and Mac designed to help you automatically optimize and retouch your images. If you want to share the shots taken at an event and need to perform various adjustments before uploading them, this is the tool to try.

BatchPhoto is a great option because it is focused on automating your photo editing workflow. The software comes with a series of features designed to boost your productivity, such as Folder Watch. Folder Watch is a feature which monitors folders for newly-added pictures and automatically applies preset edits. For example, you can copy 300 RAW images from your DSLR camera to a monitored folder, and in a couple of minutes they’ll all be renamed, resized, watermarked, converted to JPG and uploaded to FTP. You won’t have to do anything.

Another useful option are the Profiles. With BatchPhoto you can save your frequently-used operations as Profiles and easily load them in future editing sessions. The program offers a batch processing feature, enabling you to edit multiple photos at once. At the same time, the tool is super simple to use. All you have to do is follow a three-step process: add your photos in the first, apply the desired filters in the second and select your output format and destination in the last.

But what exactly can you do with BatchPhoto? Well, a wide range of operations. You can resize, crop, rotate, watermark and date stamp your photos, as well adjust the contrast, brightness and saturation or reduce the noise. You can also apply artistic effects like sepia and black and white or add borders and frames to your pictures. When you’re done editing, you can save your images on a local folder, directly upload them to FTP or share them via email.

It’s important to mention that you’ll find support for RAW formats from almost all DSLR cameras, including Canon, Sony, Nikon, Olympus or Fuji.

Banuba AR Photo Booth

Best Photo Booth Software

Banuba AR Photo Booth stands out through its augmented reality features. The software gives you the opportunity to add a large variety of AR face filters, which you can customize as you please. The great thing about it is that the filters are applied instantly at the booth, which means you won’t have to spend time in post-processing. There’s also a touch-based interaction available, which allows users to change the AR filters with their own hands.

Banuba AR Photo Booth comes with many other options designed to provide an entertaining experience. In addition to the face filters and live emojis, you can play fun games, change the background or make live retouches by smoothening the skin, fixing blemishes or changing the hair color. The software is available on all major platforms, supports both photo and video creations and makes it easy to share the files via email or social networks.

Social Booth

Best Photo Booth Software

Social Booth offers a multitude of features to enhance the whole photo booth experience. The software works on Windows, is compatible with Canon DSLR, Canon Powershot and certain webcam models and offers the possibility to take photos, animated GIF’s, videos and slow-motion videos. You’re free to share the pictures taken via email, social channels like Facebook and Twitter, as well as upload them to SmugMug and FTP.

As initially mentioned, Social Booth places at your disposal numerous useful features. The software is designed with a green screen removal with built-in backgrounds available, tons of filters including SnapChat filters, a meme creator or light painting. To make things more fun, you have the possibility to even create lip sync videos. The software offers video host capabilities and built-in surveys so you can collect useful marketing data.

Breeze Booth

Best Photo Booth Software

Breeze Booth is a photo booth app for Windows developed to be user-friendly and highly customizable. This program grants you the freedom to adjust it exactly how you want, so that it will become easy to understand and to navigate for each user. You can choose between numerous languages available, customize the interface in many ways using graphics and animations, select multi-choice menus, create diverse print layouts and more.

In terms of creations, the possibilities are quite vast. Besides the classic shots, Breeze Booth lets you create animated and burst GIF’s, slow-motion videos, as well as select from multiple options for the background. The software gives you the opportunity to add special effects using Photoshop, photo filters that don’t require Adobe’s program and also text and stickers. You can request feedback and collect user data directly from the booth and share the pictures, videos and GIF’s via email or SMS/MMS.

Foto Master

Best Photo Booth Software

Foto Master comes with a wide range of features that turn it into a truly interesting alternative. This photo booth software offers a series of built-in workflow presets, but also enables you to design your own workflow by customizing almost everything. In that sense you can change the experience selection screens, the photo layout, the graphic animations, the backgrounds, the voice-overs, the games and many more.

One of the remarkable features of Foto Master is the augmented reality implementation. The software gives you the possibility to insert people, objects or sceneries in your photos. This means that you can take a selfie in a certain location, with a movie celebrity and various cartoon characters and holding funny signs. Another interesting option is the fact that users can draw on the photos taken, as well as sign and stamp them.


Best Photo Booth Software

Snappic is a photo booth app developed for iPhone and iPad use only. The software allows DSLR integration, which means you can connect various Canon and Nikon cameras to your iOS device via USB. You’ll find support for still photography, GIF’s, bursts, standard videos and videoFX. VideoFX is a feature that enables you to create entertaining content using video and audio overlays, effects, green screen, intro and outros, slow motion and other effects.

To make the experience even more interesting, Snappic comes with a 360° photo booth feature. The software also places at your disposal AI-based segmentation. What does this mean? Basically, the software makes a clear distinction between the people in the video and the background and breaks the video in two different parts. With Snappic you can additionally run competitions, receive event analytics, create surveys and directly share the content on social media.


Best Photo Booth Software

RightBooth is compatible with any Windows-based desktop, laptop or tablet, but it is also available on iPad’s and Android tablets using a third-party app. In order to take shots and record videos you can use diverse webcams, Canon and Nikon DSLR’s, GoPro cameras, as well as the built-in cameras in your iOS and Android devices.

With RightBooth you can record memorable videos and edit and enhance them right on the spot, take photos and and apply numerous effects, capture AR photos, create slideshows and classic and boomerang-type animated GIF’s. You can also resort to the picture-in-picture option if you’re using multiple cameras or run interactive games. You’re free to email the event files, directly upload them to websites and FTP or share them on social networks.