BatchPhoto 5

It’s been a long time since the last BatchPhoto update. This was partly because BatchPhoto is a mature product and has worked without issues on the new operating systems, and partly because we have worked on new mobile projects and we may even have a surprise related to BatchPhoto later this year!

But BatchPhoto is far from being an afterthought for us. With amazing customers like Tesla, Apple, Lockheed Martin, and even NASA, we are motivated to keep BatchPhoto up-to-date for the next decade and beyond!

New Features

BatchPhoto was updated to support the latest operating systems, like Windows 11 and macOS 13 Ventura. On Windows we have finally switched from 32 to 64-bits, this will allow the app to address more than 2GB of memory. On macOS we have created an Universal app, which means the same app will run natively on both Apple Silicon and Intel CPUs. We have also improved the security with an advanced EV certificate on Windows and by notarizing the app on macOS.

One of the most notable feature in v5 is the addition of Secure FTP (SFTP) for image uploading/downloading. The user can now securely upload images to his/hers server with BatchPhoto. Additionally we have added the option to test the (S)FTP connection before using it.

The Hot Folders feature of BatchPhoto has received a lot of attention in v5 with the addition of SFTP as both a source for downloading images as well as a destination for uploading the processed images.

We have also updated the user interface for v5 with a new thumbnails view in Step 2, and a more modern overall design.

Our image processing engine (ImageMagick) was updated to the latest version, and we’ve added support for new popular image formats like HEIC, WEBP, AVIF, and many others.

Final Words

Version 5 is a big step forward. Besides adding new features we’ve also focused our efforts on updating the software stack and libraries in order to make BatchPhoto future proof and more easily maintainable.

From now on you can expect more regular releases.