BatchPhoto 4.3

BatchPhoto 4.3 has been finally released with some new and updated features!

In version 4.3 we’ve added a new watermark filter: Watermark-Mask. With this filter you can have an image mask (created by a designer) to overlay over the source photos. The mask will be applied 1:1 over the source photos.

Here is how the mask image (with transparency) looks like (on the left side) and how the resulting image will look like (on the right side):

Also a requested feature was the ability to add different texts, taken from a text file, to images in batch mode. We have implemented this feature into the Watermark-Text filter as an alternative option to adding a unique text.

We have also added copyright symbols to the Watermark-Text. Other updates to the Annotate filters include the option to stamp only the time in the Date filter.

BatchPhoto has been finally localized into the Spanish language and the existing localizations (Italian, German, French, and Japanese) have been updated.

We have also updated BatchPhoto Monitor to compare checksums for the monitored images instead of comparing the file modification date which was not accurate for some RAW images, and slightly improve the image scan time in the process.

BatchPhoto has been updated for macOS High Sierra but unfortunately we had to drop support for the older Mac OS X versions like: OS X Lion (10.7), Mountain Lion (10.8), Mavericks (10.9), and Yosemite (10.10) due to compatibility issues. But we do provide a link to the previous version for those interested.