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I tried the trial version and was able to rotate a picture. I have many to do this to, so I purchased the full version. Now when I try to rotate photos, it doesn't work. Any suggestions? The steps I take are:
Add photo (drag and drop)
Click edit photo
Add auto rotate filter
Photo looks rotated
Use custom defined name
Click setup, use original photo folder as destination
Click process
Get a note that the process was completed
Drop the "new" file back into BatchPhoto and the photo is still sideways.
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The steps seem to be correct. When you drag the photos back into BatchPhoto don't look at the thumbnails in Step 1 since those are embedded into the photo's metadata and don't get rotate by the Auto Rotate filter. Instead just click on the photos and see them in the preview windows from Step 1 & 2.

If the photos are still not correctly rotated it means that you somehow haven't loaded the processed photos but the originals. Pay attention to the Custom defined names and the output folder.

Let me know if this solves your problem.
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Thanks for the reply. The main reason I bought the program was to rotate photos for an electronic picture frame. I will check out the photos tomorrow.

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