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I was trying the trail version and I saw the option for script. Now what i want to do is that i want have a script file in the folder, click and run, convert everything in the folder from .eps to .png. But the script has only specific address for pictures.

<Image Path="C:\Users\stage1\Desktop\fotos\MCSA010814_ET130501_def.eps" />

I try to change the MCSA010814_ET130501_def.eps to *.eps or .eps but it doesn't work. Is there a option to let it work?

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Dear user,

In order to process all the .eps files in the current folder you need to use the “Search” tag:

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		<Search Path="*.eps" />
You can also use full paths and relative path, e.g.:

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		<Search Path="C:\Users\stage1\Desktop\fotos\*.eps" />
		<Search Path="..\fotos\*.eps" />
Valentin Firan
BatchPhoto Team
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