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Hi, Need to Cut the same small area from a batch of images, eg a square from the top right hand side of the images, and replace it with a square of the same size from directly below, which I may also select and paste there if that is allowed, and have that applied to the batch of images.. I tried cropping the square at the top right of the image, but obviously that does the opposite of what is intended, by creating an output file which is the cropped square, and loosing the remainder of the image, which I would like to retain.

I suppose it is a "batch cut, then copy (different selection) and paste that new selection over the area previously cut.

Is that possible please?
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Thank you for your interest in BatchPhoto.

With BatchPhoto you can perform edits that are suitable for a batch of images. The cropping operation will cut the images, not edit them.

What you want to do is an editing operation. I'm afraid you need to do this manually one image at a time with an image editor.

Please let me know if there is something else.
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