Failed to Write Error on Some but Not All Photos

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I am trying to batch convert TIFF images (~800MB-1GB) saved in an external hard drive, into fixed size (~2MB) JPGs into a different folder in the same hard drive.

For any batch size (be it 10 or 25 or 1000 photos), about 50%-80% of the photos are successfully processed, and the remaining ones have the 'Failed to write' error (and the resultant file is 0 bytes and unopenable).

The file names are all prefixed with 'HD Old Photos - 1' and then a number.

Even when I try to convert to non-fixed JPG, the same thing happens - i.e. some are successfully converted but many are not. I have also tried changing the destination folder to my PC desktop.

I'd be grateful for your assistance.

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Thank you for your question.

If BatchPhoto cannot write the processed photos into the output folder it may be because:

1. You don’t have access to write in the output folder
2. Your photos are opened with another program (a viewer perhaps) and cannot be overwritten
3. The output folder name or the resulting photo names have unsupported characters in them

If neither of this work for you you can also try to disable "Use multicore processors.." in the app Settings.
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