Output images same as input (filters not being applied)

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Today, I updated to BatchPhoto Pro v4.4 and my work was going well. Then after a few hours, I began to have a problem where my output images where the same as my input images. It appears that the filters were not being applied. The problem is intermittent: sometimes it happens sometimes it doesn't. I've restarted BatchPhoto Pro several times and rebooted my Win 10 computer twice.

I've tried different images (all .jpg), in different input directories, applied a variety and quantity of filters, and sent the output .jpg images to different directories and the result is always the same: sometimes the filter is applied, sometimes not. I haven't detected a pattern to this problem.

I did find this problem mentioned on this forum several years ago, but there was no solution.

Any ideas would be appreciated.
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Thank you for using BatchPhoto.

The problem is likely related to the thumbnails not being updated. If you open the processed images you should see that the image was edited.
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