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This is a theoretical question but related to two uses I have for BP...

1. For the monitored folders, is there a practical limit to the number of folders in the source folder? Will it slow down dramatically if there are thousands of files with hundreds more added each day? We seem to have intermittent periods where it doesn't seem like it's working.

2. For a standard search/convert, is there a practical limit here? I occasionally have batches of a million or more files that need to have the smart resize (reduce size if too large but don't increase size), adjust DPI, convert other images to JPG, etc... I am using another product today but once the smart resize is available I'd much rather use BP and figure out how to script the whole operation.

Lastly for the option listed under #2, I need to be able to track when a file is converted - so if it was a BMP to JPG I put a _ after the file name; if it was a PNG I'll append a ! and so on... is there any way now or in the future I could do all this in a single pass? I'd *love* to be able to do all my processing in a single pass - since it's > a million files it tends to be a multi-day operation. Being able to develop a script that's one click would be amazing.

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Dear user,

1. There is no limit to the number of subfolders/files the monitored folders can contain.

When the monitored folders contain thousands of files you can expect the Monitor to slow down a bit but I would not be worried about this since it is not something noticeable.

When there are files being copied to the monitored folder the Monitor will wait until the copy operation is done before initiating a new scan. This is why those periods of inactivity may appear.

2. BatchPhoto does not have a limit when it comes to the number of files that can be processed in a session.

BatchPhoto does not have a smart resize feature like the one you described but it will be available in version 4.1

BatchPhoto lets you include the extension of the source file (bmp, png) in the name of the output file. (ex: name_from_bmp.jpg)
Valentin Firan
BatchPhoto Team
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