Script to process subfolders that i DO NOT know the name

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I´ve created a script and it´s working fine, but i´ve one problem:

I need that the script process all subfolders on a particular folder. This subfolders will have different names and i dont kwon their names in advance. Is it possible to specify in the script that all subfolders on a particular folder are processed although i do not know the names of the sub folders in advance ?

EXAMPLE: I will create a folder like : c:\photos that i will put as the source folder on my script, and the users on the network will create subfolders (on the folder c:\photos) that i dónt know the name. I need that the script process all images created on theses subfolders by just double clicking my script file, without the need of specyfing the subfolders name.

So if a user creates a subfolder c:\photos\event_x and other user creates a subfolders c:\photos\event_y and so on (i WILL NOT know the names of these subfolders in advance) every image that will be put on these subfolders are processed, when i run the script file.

I wait for your answer.

Thanks a lot.

José Rocco
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You have to manually edit the script and add the Subfolders="1" attribute:

Code: Select all

<Search Path="c:\photos\*.*" Subfolders="1" />
You can find more information about Scripts in Help > Advanced > Scripts.

Please let us know if there is something else.
Valentin Firan
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Thank for your help, after deleting the "Image Path" node and creating the node "Search Path" it worked perfectlly.

The images node stayed like this:

<Search Path="c:/fotos/*.*" Subfolders="1" />
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