Different size of data stamp on processed photos

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i´m doing some tests before buying the software.

I´ve created a scripts to process imagens on one folder and add date/time stamp on them. Everything is working fine except, that the date/time stamp fonts created has diffent sizes on each photo. On some of the photos is in big letters aind in others small letters why is that ? Is ther a way to keep the size off the font equal on all the photos ?


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Thank you for your interest in BatchPhoto.

The font size is the same but your images vary in size. In the same batch you have images of different sizes in pixels (width x height) so the Date filter will look of different sizes when resizing the images to screen size (this is what your image viewer does).

You have two options:
1. In BatchPhoto > Step 2, Add the Resize filter with a specified size before the Date filter
2. Group your images into batches of images that have the same size in pixels

Please let me know if there is something else.
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