Changed Profile Filenames Using Win Explorer

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I just purchased your BatchPhoto Pro version today because it can do a few things better than IrfanView and Paint.Net. So far I'm very pleased. I hope it can save me hundreds of hours of work over the next year as I will be processing thousands of images. You've created a great product and can be proud.

My question: I created 6 profiles with similar names, such as "Create Website Ready-Step 1.bpf", "Create Website Ready-Step 2.bpf" and so on. Unfortunately, in the Profiles dialog there is only the icon view mode and the text showing below each icon was the first dozen or so identical characters of each filename. I had to hover over each icon to display the full tooltip. This made it difficult to select the desired profile with just 6 profiles. I would imagine it would get more and more difficult if a user created a larger number of profiles.

So to I decided to reverse my filenames with the Step # in front like this: "Step 1-Create Website Ready.bpf". But, I made the mistake of changing the filenames through Win Explorer thinking BatchPhoto would simply reread the directory contents whenever the Profiles dialog was re-instantiated. Unfortunately, BatchPhoto doesn't pickup this name change. I restarted BatchPhoto, but it made no difference. It's like the profile names are stored inside BatchPhoto.

Any suggestions?
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Hi Steve,

Thank you for the appreciation.

After saving a custom profile, a window will appear where you can set a profile name (this is the name visible in the profile selection window) and a profile description. You can also edit your profile using the right mouse click and selecting Edit on the desired profile.

You can rename your custom profiles from Windows Explorer, however you should take into account that BatchPhoto will load all the custom profiles from the following path: Documents/BatchPhoto/Profiles. Please make sure you didn't copied the profiles to another location or in a folder which is located at the same path.

After renaming the profiles in Explorer you need to restart BatchPhoto.

Please let us know if there is something else.
Valentin Firan
BatchPhoto Team
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